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ALL Registration is handled on our registration website at:




Step-by-Step Instructions for the USA Volleyball Online Registration:

Step #1:

New Players Prior to Tryouts:

  • Use the following link to sign up for a USA Volleyball membership:
  • Please fill out the information on this website including member’s name (your daughter), address, email address, gender, birthdate, current grade, race. Also, you will create a username and password.
  • Then click “continue.”
  • On the next screen, at the top right choose "NY Attack" as the club
  • Under Membership Type, choose the 4th option IREVA - ONE EVENT - Multi-Day Junior Membership and enter 10/26/2017 in the box to the right of $10.00. (If your daughter is between the ages of 9 and 11, it may make more sense to register for the YOUTH Membership which is only $15 for the year rather than a $10 one event-multi day membership, then an extra $50 to upgrade to an annual membership.)  It is VERY important to select a start date of 10/26/2017 for the One Event-Multi Day membership as the membership will only be valid effective this date through the next 14 days.  If you enter today's date, the membership will not valid for the try out dates.
  • Enter the parent(s) name and e-mail address, then click SUBMIT.
  • Verify all of the information entered, enter credit card information, click on the 3 waivers (You will need to open each waiver), enter last 4 digits of parent SS# or driver license # then click on Confirm.

Step #2:

New Players and Returning Players after tryouts (This step is not applicable to players that selected the $15 YOUTH membership prior to tryouts):

  • Go directly to the Login Link here.
  • Username is usually your email address.  (IREVA website will help you change your password if you cannot remember). 
  • Click on the “Renew your membership” on the top left next to LOGOUT.
  • Confirm player information, select current grade, click “continue.” 
  • Second page – Membership Info: Make sure the club in the upper right corner is NY Attack
  • Second page -- Membership Type: choose one 
  • $60 “Regular Junior Membership,” OR for new players "Upgrade to Regular Junior Membership" for $50
  • Complete or verify all Parent Information with name and email address, then click “submit.”
  • Third page – scroll down to Payment Information:  Pay online via credit card, enter your credit card info.
  • USAV Waiver Information:  Check 3 boxes, and also click open to view and read links.
  • At very bottom of this page, enter last 4 digits or drivers license # for parent, then click “confirm, ok, ok.”

Step #3:

Your confirmation will be sent to you from USAV via the email address you entered.  Please forward a copy of that email Membership Application Confirmation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .